Job Description

TamKang provides a unique opportunity for experienced teachers near and far to work in an environment where the students are eager to learn, and where both foreign and domestic educators work cohesively as a team. We strive to promote an environment where students are excited to learn, while encouraging them to embrace new and exciting challenges and other opportunities that expand their educational experience.

Interested candidates with a teacher’s license or substitute certification are welcome to apply for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Responsibilities include:

  • 14-20 teaching hours per week
  • lesson planning and documentation
  • marking and providing feedback on student work
  • maintaining records of student performance
  • curriculum development
  • regular communication with domestic and foreign coworkers and administrators

Bilingual homeroom teachers also:

  • communicate with students in writing through regular English journals
  • promote an English speaking environment through regular student interaction both in and out of the classroom
  • collaborate closely with Taiwanese co-homeroom teachers to provide a healthy and supportive environment for students to learn and grow

TamKang accepts year round applications from experienced, certified teachers who are interested in working with the school, however, recruitment takes place primarily in March and May. Each working year begins in August with a school-wide orientation and preparation conference.

Tamkang Full Time Application 2018-2019

Please e-mail completed application form, cover letter, résumé, teaching certification, and photo to with the subject line: Application for Employment

Additional Information for Recent Graduates

Teaching English as a second language is fast becoming a preferred job path for recent graduates. Today, there are boundless opportunities for qualified graduates to work all over the world.

Though teaching abroad is a fantastic experience in itself, not all schools are the same. It is important to understand what opportunities are available to you when considering teaching abroad as a viable career.

One of the greatest benefits of TamKang’s Bilingual Program is that most of the English classes are taught by native speakers. The benefit of having native speakers in the classroom is that it provides the students with a quality language and cultural education, immersing them in an all English speaking environment.

While it is of course beneficial to have a major in education when starting a career in teaching and to have the culture and language skills to communicate effectively while living abroad, members of our staff have come from varying educational backgrounds in addition to education, including: writing, biochemistry, anthropology, film, economics, psychology, literature, music and even kinesiology. We believe that the diversity of degrees strengthens the overall teaching quality and uniqueness of the teaching opportunity.

In addition to a college degree, all of TamKang’s foreign staff members are required to obtain and provide the necessary teaching certificates or substitute teaching certificates beforehand. Upon arriving in Taiwan, all teachers take part in a two-day conference, where all teaching materials are practiced and covered.


For more information regarding employment opportunities, questions, comments or concerns, please email