The Junior High Bilingual Program began in 2012 and was offered to students who expressed an interest in greatly improving their English ability. Students looking to enroll in the program are required to apply and pass a series of extensive tests that include written, oral, listening test and a personal interview with two of the Native English Speaking Teachers. Only the top performing students are accepted into the Junior Bilingual Program.

Students in the Junior Bilingual Program receive their core classes in English and the majority of their classes are taught by Native English Speaking Teachers. Their core courses include: Writing, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Listening and Speaking. The primary goal of the Junior Bilingual Program is to provide the students with a one-of-a-kind English based education while also preparing them to enter our Senior High School Bilingual Program. Students of the Junior Bilingual Program have the added bonus of a Native English Speaking Homeroom Teacher, guaranteed to create an English speaking environment. Junior Bilingual Homeroom Teachers enjoy lunch times  with their class, spend break times catching up with their students, collect bi-monthly journals, and help organize class bonding trips. While students may receive a set number of teaching hours per week with their Native English Speaking Teachers, they have near constant access to their homeroom teachers and generally secure a stronger bond with the Native English Speaking staff as a whole.


J1G students are the newest students to the Junior Bilingual family. These students receive 7 hrs per week of in-class instruction from Native English Speaking Teachers. Their N.E.S.T. taught course break-down is as follows: 2 hrs per week of writing, 2 hrs of literature, 2 hrs of Listening and Speaking, and 1 hr of Cultural Studies.


The students in J2G are in their second year of the program and thus have a more proficient command of the English language. These students receive 6 hrs per week of N.E.S.T taught classes. Their courses are: 2 hrs per week of writing, 2 hrs of literature, and 2 hrs of Listening and Speaking.


During their final year of the Junior Bilingual Program, J3 students receive 4 hrs per week of N.E.S.T. classes: 2 hrs of writing, 1 hr of literature, and 1 hr of listening and speaking. They spend a good portion of their time studying for their high school entrance exams. To supplement the reduced number of hours, the role of their foreign homeroom teacher increases. You can typically expect to see their homeroom teacher with them in the classroom or in the halls with them during breaks and lunch time. This is a crucial year to strengthening their bond as a class and maintaining the work ethic, confidence, and time management skills that they’ve developed since J1.