The High School Bilingual Program began in 2002 with the intention of expanding upon our English Education program. The goal was to design a program that would create a better world citizen with the ability to compete with others in a global job market. The Bilingual Program more than doubled the previous number of english hours that our students were receiving.

Because the core classes were taught by Native English Speaking Teachers and based on the Western style of teaching, the primary focus of learning was on enhancing critical thinking and problem solving skills. The class sizes were capped at 35 to ensure that each student could receive the necessary attention and feedback required with operating at an accelerated pace.


In 2012, we extended the Bilingual Program to the Junior High School. The Junior Bilingual Program still maintained the rigorous English structured curriculum of the High School, with the core classes: writing, literature, listening and speaking, cultural studies and drama all being taught by Native English Speaking Teachers. The success of the Junior Bilingual Program allowed us to strengthen our High School program with the inclusion of more classes being taught by Native English Speaking Teachers.


Since its creation, the Bilingual Program has garnered the attention of members of Parliament, and has become internationally acclaimed for its achievements in excellence. On several occasions TamKang’s Bilingual students have been chosen to attend several International Academic Programs. Our students have been selected to participate in programs in London, Brisbane, various cities throughout America as exchange students, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Canada.

The program prides itself on the ability to build the students confidence in oral and written English communication. At the program’s core we emphasize the training of our students to become independent learners capable of delivering public speeches, conducting high quality research, expressing their thoughts and opinions while supporting them with facts and evidence, and excelling in all fields of academia.



Teacher’s Conference

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It’s conference time again! Every year before the first day of class, all of the teachers at TamKang come together for a week long training session to get themselves ready for the upcoming school year. During this time the teachers are trained on … Read More

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