Our junior high school is composed of three grade levels; 7th, 8th, and 9th. For each grade level there are eight classes with each class having one Taiwanese homeroom teacher. For three years the Taiwanese teachers work diligently to prepare their students to pass their High School entrance exams while the homeroom teacher creates a comfortable environment for the students to ensure their success. Class sizes typically range from 30-45 students.

The school day goes from 8am-5pm with morning study at 7:30am and night study from 6-8pm. The students remain in their classroom throughout the day and their teachers rotate to the different classrooms to teach. Class periods last 50 minutes and the students receive a 10-15 minute break between each class.

The curriculum is intended to aid students in developing methods for test taking, critical interpretation, logical problem solving, and independent learning. The Junior High School provides several different tracks for the students to focus in: General Studies, Bilingual English, and Music/Arts/Sports.

General Studies

Students in the General Studies program go through a normal day of school. They have their core subjects in Chinese, and benefit from both Taiwanese and Native English Speaking Teacher instruction in English. All 7th grade students receive 4 hrs per week with a N.E.S.T. teacher, 8th grade students receive 5 hrs, and 9th grade students receive 1 hr per week as they are preparing for their high school entrance exams. The students are grouped according to their English proficiency, if students progress in the standard classes they are presented with the opportunity to advance to a higher level class.

Bilingual English

Students who show a special propensity for the English Language have the option to test into our highly selective, Jr. Bilingual Program. The Junior Bilingual Program is unique in that the students receive substantially more hours per week with a Native English Speaking Teacher: 7th grade students get 7 hrs of classroom time per week, 8th grade receives 6 hrs. and 9th grade 4 hrs; there are also different classes that are offered: writing, literature, listening and speaking, and cultural studies; the class sizes are smaller, and finally, each Junior Bilingual class also has a Native English Speaking Homeroom Teacher along with their Taiwanese Homeroom Teacher.

The Native English Speaking Homeroom Teacher and the Taiwanese Homeroom Teacher share the classes responsibilities and work together to create an English speaking environment for the students.


Students who opt for these specialized classes are grouped together in one class for their general subjects and then split into different classes depending on their focus. These students take the same subjects as students in the general classes, but will supplement one hour from each subject with a class from their specific focus.

Music: Music students take an additional 8 vocal or instrument based classes per week.

ArtArt students take an additional 8 drawing, painting, and form classes per week.

Sports: Sports students attend a half day of school before departing with their respective coaches after lunch. Some sports that our students participate in are: table tennis, golf, tennis, and equestrian riding.

Art and Music students host an exhibition or concert at the end of every semester.

He's excited for Sport's Day

Daniel and Ricky exploring Old Street

Junior 2 students pose for a picture

J1G celebrating another successful Sport's Day with their teachers


Our Senior High School has over 2000 students, and several different applied learning programs for our students to choose from. The High School spans three different grade levels: Senior 1 (10th grade), Senior 2 (11th grade), and Senior 3 (12th grade). The High School revolves around the idea of focused learning programs and allows the students to choose their preferred field of study. The different programs offered by the school are as follows: English, Information Technology, Tourism, Management, Economics, Visual and Musical Arts, Sports Mechanics, Physical and Applied Sciences, Child Development, Business, Graphic Design, Economics, Japanese Bilingual studies, English Bilingual studies, or International studies.

Senior 1: During their first year, all of the incoming S1 students take their general core courses, which include: Math, Science, Geography, English, Chinese, History, Geography, Civics, Chemistry, Biology, and P.E.. This exposes them to a wide variety of interests which they can choose to explore in their later years. All students in the S1 classes receive 1 hr of conversational English with a Native English Speaking Teacher. The class size is generally between 40-50 students. *This is only applicable to students in the general classes. It does not apply to students in the Bilingual Program. At the end of their S1 year, students declare a major which they will study for the remainder of their High School career.

Senior 2: During this year the class sizes drop drastically and usually vary between 30-45 students per class. Depending on the major that they choose, they can receive up to 2 hrs per week with a Native English Speaking Teacher.

Senior 3: S3 students spend the majority of their year preparing for their College Entrance Exams which take place in January.

The comprehensive education that TamKang High School offers to its’ high school students is just one of the many elements which separate TamKang from many other schools in Taiwan. TamKang prides itself on giving its students a solid, well-rounded, international education, stretching their knowledge and exposure well past what is traditionally expected from high schools across Taiwan.

Ted and Matilde may be too cool for school, but that doesn't stop them from going


Grace and Winnie getting a hands-on science lesson from their teacher, Garth


Bilingual 2 celebrating the end of their drama play, Royal Rumble: Challenge Accepted


Vivian, a member of the school's honor guard, stands at attention during the graduation processional