TamKang’s school motto, Love and Service, is a testament to our continual pursuit of academic excellence and dedication to service to our local and global communities.

We follow the example as set forth by our founder, Dr. Mackay, by respecting the traditions and upholding the ideals of education that he set forth while dedicating his life to the service of others.

TamKang provides its students with an environment that implores learning within the classroom, but also presents them with the opportunity to discover and develop qualities that can’t be read in books – friendship, compassion, loyalty and respect.

Comprehensive programs, team building workshops, bonding trips and a fluid curriculum have been integral to strengthening these values.

Maintaining the core values of progress, community, intellectual achievement, and camaraderie has shaped TamKang into what it is today and they are the tools that will continue to keep our school going strong, well into the future.

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TamKang’s campus is composed of Sun-Tek Elementary School, TamKang Junior High and TamKang Senior High School. All three schools have an extensive Bilingual Program. All students in the Elementary School have a Taiwanese and Native English Speaking Homeroom Teacher. Students in the Junior High School Bilingual Program have both a Taiwanese and Native English Speaking Homeroom Teacher as well, and have core classes taught entirely in English. TamKang Senior High is one of the top private Bilingual Learning Institutions in Taiwan, and has the most successful Bilingual Program in Northern Taiwan.

TamKang is not only focused on a Bilingual English education. Students have the opportunity to focus their studies in a number of areas, including: English, Information Technology, Tourism, Management, Economics, Visual and Musical Arts, Sports Mechanics, Physical and Applied Sciences, Child Development, Business, Graphic Design, Economics, Japanese, English Bilingual studies, or International Studies.

All of our programs have grown extensively over the past few years as we have developed and implemented stronger curriculums created and led by dedicated and highly motivated staff. As the school grows, TamKang is excited about the unlimited potential and future success of its students.

Dorothy summons the winged monkeys to help return to Oz

Joyce participates in the English Village Scavenger Hunt


J1G prepares a welcome message for their parents during the bi-annual Parent's Day Weekend


A few members of TamKang's 131st graduating class. Congratulations Ladies!


In 1827, Dr. George Leslie Mackay came to Taiwan from Canada as a Presbyterian Missionary. He spread the ideals of his missionary work through dentistry and by establishing Oxford College in Tamsui. Dr. Mackay married a local Taiwanese woman and birthed a son, George Leslie Mackay who would go on to establish TamKang High School in 1925. He dedicated his life to the service of others and the pursuit of academic excellence.

TamKang High School was founded with the motto of, “Love and Service.” This motto stands as a testament to our pursuit of academic excellence and service to the local and global community. The school’s mission is to nurture the who person, create well rounded citizens, and encourage a healthy balance in mind, heart, and spirit.

TamKang Senior High School in 1925

One of TamKang's first student classes


TamKang is one of the oldest High School campuses in Northern Taiwan and is home to the first school for girls and a museum highlighting the philanthropic work of Dr. George Leslie Mackay.

Our campus is nestled quietly away from the lively vein of Old Street, and overlooks the Tamsui river and Guanyinshan Mountain. As you enter our beautiful campus, towering rows of sagging Banyan Trees, some of the oldest date back nearly 150 years, reach down and gently guide you along a cobblestone path and into the core of campus.

The buildings, designed by Japanese architects, glow a brilliant hue of red and white under the Taiwanese sun. These buildings serve as timeless monuments of classical architecture while boldly and openly embracing modern styles.

In the center of campus is TamKang’s Octagonal Tower. A line of beautiful palm trees ushers you down the school’s signature path and towards the focal point of campus; the building that connects the Junior High to the Senior High. When it was first built it served as the holding place for the Japanese when they occupied the school in 1925.

As you journey further through campus you will encounter TamKang Senior High School’s pride and joy; the rugby field. The beautifully manicured field serves as the point of conception for Taiwan’s rich rugby history, which got its start at our school in 1923. The Taiwan Rugby Football Union credits Chen Ching-chuang, a teacher at the time with organizing the first all Chinese team while Taiwan was still under Japanese rule. During the first official match Tamkang played a Japanese team, Taipei United, and won. Over the next 10 years, 19 more games were played. The field serves as a historic landmark that attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide every year. TamKang has the distinct honor of being the only private school in Taiwan to have a rugby team.

TamKang’s campus reflects the passion and spirit of the students, staff, faculty and dear founders of the school. The school prides itself on having created an environment that encourages learning but also rewards relaxation, reflection and spiritual discovery. This school is as much a home as it is a place of learning.

Senior High art students decorate the campus in impressive perspective art

Principal Domoon and the Board of Trustees lead the 131st graduating class along their senior walk

TamKang students and students from Kenmei High School in Japan pose for a picture in front of the Octagonal Tower


Students stand at attention while preparing for the inaugural lighting of the Sport's Day Torch


Sun-Tek was originally founded in 1884 as a school for girls under the age of 12 by Dr. George Leslie Mackay. Later, it was rebuilt and re-established as a middle school by the missionary, William Wu. For the next 90 years it would serve several different purposes including: a school house, a dormitory for girls, a kindergarten, an elementary school, and a dormitory for foreign staff. In 1916 it was repurposed as strictly an elementary school for grades 1-6. In 2009 a new building was built just next door to serve as the new Elementary School. The former building still stands and has been remodeled to house several smaller music classrooms, libraries, and the school’s English Village Interactive Learning Facility.

Big smiles from the 2nd graders!

After school cooking class with Teacher Erika!

1st grade art class

Merry Christmas from grade 2