Expanding our Global Footprint

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It’s been said that in order to succeed in this connected world that we live in, one must become a global citizen, an individual capable of relating to and communicating with people from all corners of the globe, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, political views or distance. Creating a legacy of global citizens has been TamKang’s goal from the very beginning.

At TamKang, we are constantly striving to expand our global footprint by encouraging our students to seek opportunities that allow them to go out into the world and immerse themselves in different cultures. Our International Engagement Programs has taken off this year under the guidance of International Outreach Coordinator, Sylvia Hung. 

In a short amount of time she has created outstanding programs across three separate continents and has worked to establish stronger connections with several schools in nearby countries.

In early 2016 she and a group of students went to Canada for a month long immersion program with our sister school, Woodstock Collegiate Institute, in Ontario. While there the students were placed in specially chosen home-stay families and attended High School classes and several cultural events which included: college tours, visiting Niagra Falls, learning basic conversational French, learning to ice skate, and playing in the snow (a first for many of our students as Taiwan isn’t known for it’s winter weather).

She also organized the International Children’s Camp in July of 2016 with a group of Senior High students. “It’s a smaller version of the Olympics for children aged 12-15.”

During that same time 12 TamKang students were taken on a trip to London led by the English Department Manger, Jimmy Lin. For 20 days they learned about the culture and attended several classes at different Universities in the city.

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TamKang’s commitment to international expansion is second to none and our student’s success speaks to that.

Students have been applying to, and have been getting accepted into American Universities at an increased rate and more and more of our students have expressed a growing interest in pursuing international education. The demand has become so much that we created a special program for just those students.

The International Program is an intense English program with the end goal of sending students to Universities in predominately English speaking countries. It is clear that the students want and deserve these programs and, as a result of them and their dedicated teachers, are better for them.

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