Welcome Back

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The 2016-2017 school year is officially underway!

The weather is beautiful, bookshelves are neatly organized, uniforms are nice and neat, the notebooks are brand new, and the desks are still neatly arranged in their original positions.

While the first year students are nervously introducing themselves to their new classmates and trying to learn the layout of campus, the returning students are busy catching up with each other after a long summer vacation and relishing their new roles as upperclassmen and role models for the new students.

Teacher’s desks are free from excess paper and confiscated contraband and are organized neatly with everything in its rightful place (for now at least).

When class is in session the school rests. The hallways are empty and the air is still and quiet save for the muffled cheers coming from the gym classes on the blacktop playing basketball in the distance. In these moments i’m reminded of my time in school. When everything was new and scary and exciting. While my time has passed, I still have trouble getting to bed the night before the new school year starts and i get the same tingle of excitement before walking into a classroom of new students for the first time.

The teachers, faculty, and staff at TamKang Junior and Senior High School are excited to welcome all of our students back to campus for the upcoming school year. There’s so much to do and learn and experience this year and we can’t wait to start that journey.

Let’s make this year the best year ever!

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